What's so special about Savusavu?

We know we have something very special in Savusavu, and we'd like to share it with you. Here, we showcase some of the unique things that add up to making Savusavu truly spectacular.

A rainbow appears above Savusavu, Fiji.

There’s something about Savusavu…

Starting with the least easy to explain… we think it’s a complex sum of the natural beauty of the bay, the ‘melting pot’ feel of the community, the slightly chaotic but charming main street, the endless patience and smiles, the gentle sea breeze, the elegant boats in the harbour and a thousand amazing sunsets, all rolled into one.

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A diver swims amongst coral and fish.

Exceptional diving and snorkelling

In a country known for many excellent dive sites, we’re taking a risk claiming to have the best. Let’s just say that when the son of the world’s most famous diver, Jean-Michel Cousteau, was looking for a site for his resort and dive operation, he chose Savusavu. As well as the long-established dive sites, pristine Natewa Bay has a new dive operation; and if you want to truly experience the calm of the deep, try freediving with our resident experts.

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A mossy log hangs over the misty tropical gardens.

Unique nature and biodiversity

We have some extraordinary plants and animals, on land as well as underwater. As a remote Pacific island group, Fiji has evolved many species that are found nowhere else in the world, some of which are found only on Vanua Levu. Savusavu is a perfect base for exploring these natural wonders. Head to the highland forests to see mighty dakua trees, unique palms, stunning birds like the bright orange ‘flame dove’, and amazing insects. Or just sit on your deck and watch the Fiji parrot finches, woodswallows and myzomelas. If you’re a nature lover at any level, you’re in for a treat.

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An assortment of pearls on display at J Hunter pearl farm.


Pearls from Savusavu Bay are famous the world over for their amazing colours and quality. Savusavu-born Justin Hunter works with local communities to farm the pearls, ensuring everyone benefits and our small part of this mighty ocean stays in pristine condition. You can tour the aquaculture facilities and snorkel to see the oysters, and learn more about our most famous export. And of course you can buy a pearl necklace to take home.

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A building surrounded by lush tropical rainforest.

and chocolate!

Recently opened, the KokoMana Cocoa Farm and Chocolate Factory produces exceptional fine-flavour chocolate from locally grown cocoa, but is also a genuine ‘agro-ecotourism’ experience unique in Fiji. Farm and factory tours take you through the entire chocolate-making process from tree to bar, and also explain the agroforestry ‘model’ that includes many other useful plants, all managed in an environmentally sustainable way. Providing evidence that it works, you’ll see and hear many birds and insects in this little piece of paradise.

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A woman reflects while hiking near Savusavu, Fiji.

There’s nowhere better to relax, restore, renew

Savusavu is fast becoming the wellness centre of Fiji, with yoga, massage and spa therapies, reflexology and natural hot pools on offer. It’s easy to find tranquility around Savusavu – in the dripping rainforest, on deserted beaches, or out on the ocean. This is a place to truly free your mind and rest and restore your body.

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