Before you leave home

Make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity from the date of your return travel from Fiji.

Check if you need a visa – citizens of many countries do not.

You’ll need to have an onward airline ticket if you’re arriving by plane.

COVID 19: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Tourism Fiji have a page covering a whole range of questions from entry requirements, travel partner countries to cost of PCR and rapid tests. The page will also be continually updated.

Health and medical

Fiji generally is an easy place to stay healthy. There is no malaria or rabies. There are no recommended immunisations beyond the normal ones. You may occasionally hear about an outbreak of dengue fever – you can protect yourself by covering up or using insect repellant. It’s a good idea to check with your doctor or government travel advice before leaving, to make sure you’re up to date with any health issues, but this is generally a low-risk place.

We have reasonable medical facilities in Savusavu – see Essential services. But please ensure you have a good travel insurance policy that includes a medivac option.

Many places serve tap water to drink, and the locals drink it. However, to be safe you’d be sensible to boil it first. As a promoter of sustainable tourism, we recommend you bring your own water bottle to fill rather than buying bottled water.

Please bring any medication you need, as you may not be able to get this in Savusavu. Also bring contact lens supplies, and a spare pair of glasses as there are no opticians in Savusavu.

Things to bring

  • Contact lens supplies and a spare pair of glasses
  • A water bottle
  • A torch – there are occasionally power outages in Savusavu
  • Books to read – many of the resorts have a small library, but there are no bookshops in Savusavu
  • A sulu (sarong) – if you visit a village it is courteous to wear one (you can also buy one in town)

Things you don’t need to bring

  • Normal toiletries and chemist supplies, such as shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen and insect repellant, are readily available in town

Do not bring any illegal drugs. Fiji law is strict on this, and you may end up in jail.

Things you might want to bring

If these things are important to you you may want to bring them (they are sometimes but not always available):

  • Good coffee beans/ground coffee
  • Gluten-free alternatives (you will need to declare any food on arrival in Fiji, but packaged unopened food for personal consumption should be allowed)