Essential services in Savusavu

Useful information and phone numbers you may need


For medical emergencies: Dial 911
For police: Dial 917

Non-emergencies: medical and dental

Savusavu has a private medical clinic run by Dr. Ishaque. The clinic is at Nakama Road at the base of the Hot Springs Hotel. Open hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm (later appointments until 10pm on request). You don’t need an appointment but it’s a good idea to call ahead and make sure the doctor is there: (679) 8850721 or (679) 9239043, or email Dr. Ishaque at [email protected]

There are also three thermal pools at the clinic fed by the natural hot springs, which are available for therapeutic bathing. See more here.

Savusavu also has a public hospital, but this is a small hospital with limited resources. There is a dentist at the hospital. The phone number is (679) 8850444.

There is a larger hospital across the island in Labasa, phone number (679) 8812522. There are also dentists in Labasa.

We have a relatively well stocked pharmacy (chemist) with a knowledgeable pharmacist, located on the main street.

Also see Before you travel for some some tips on staying healthy in Savusavu.

Non-emergencies: police

The police station is on the main road on the outskirts of town, across from the Total service station. The number is (679) 8850222.

Banks and ATMs

The following banks have a branch in Savusavu. All are on the main street, and all have an ATM:

  • ANZ (NB the branch closes at 2pm – apparently this huge multinational wasn’t making quite enough profit when it opened normal banking hours)
  • BSP (Bank of the South Pacific)
  • Westpac

Post office

The post office is at the end of the main street towards the airport road.


There are several petrol stations in town.

Mobile networks

The two main provides, Vodafone and Digicel, both have kiosks in town close to the bus stand.

Info for yachties

The following websites have very useful information for yachties planning to visit, or recently arrived in Savusavu:
Savusavu cruising guide


Useful numbers at a glance

Emergency numbers
  • Police: 917
  • Ambulance or fire: 910 or 911
  • EFL (electricity) emergency: 913
  • Crime Stoppers Helpline: 919
Medical non-emergency
  • Savusavu Clinic: +679 885-0721
  • Savusavu Hospital:  +679 8850 444
  • Labasa Hospital: +679 8812 522
  • Copra Shed: +679 885-0457
  • Waitui Marina: +679 885-3447
  • Savusavu Boatyard: +679 900 5003
Police non-emergency
  • Savusavu police: +679 8850 222