We’re not known as a shopping destination, but you can get most things that you need in Savusavu. And even if you don’t need anything, wandering the main street and dipping into the local shops is always a fun and rewarding experience.

Food and groceries

There are two main supermarkets on the main street in the centre of town – New World-IGA and MaxVal-u. Both carry a lot of imported goods as well as Fiji-made products. Both also have small bottle shops.

Two delis carry a more sophisticated though limited range, and a good choice of imported wines and beers. Sea Lovers Deli and Wine is on the main street just across from the Copra Shed, and the other deli is at the other end of town, close to Jacks of Fiji.

There are two butchers in town, both with a good range of mostly local meat, and sometimes more expensive imported cuts. You can even get a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas – frozen and imported – if you order well ahead.

There are a couple of bakeries making a variety of bread and cakes, and the Snowy House Cafe next to Grace Road Kitchen makes divine chocolate eclairs (among other sophisticated patisserie offerings).

For fresh fruit and vegetables, head to the market in the centre of town. This opens every day except Sunday – but Saturday is the day when everyone comes to town, and the market is well-stocked and bustling. It’s a great place to chat with people, learn about local life and local food, and make some new friends.


For tee shirts, sulus (sarongs), hats, shorts etc., we recommend Jacks of Fiji or one of the other stores on the main street. If you’re in town for a while, you can get clothes made by one of our tailors. Several shops sell beautiful ‘bula’ prints by the metre.


There are a few handicraft shops behind the bus and taxi area, and several more along the main street. The big resorts also have small shops with good quality handicrafts. Please don’t buy giant clam shells, things made of coral, turtle shells or trochus shells. These creatures are protected, and you cannot take these things out of the country unless you have a permit.