Fiji's best diving and snorkeling destination

Diving the reefs and the Big Blue

One reason guests return time and again to seek new Fiji scuba diving adventures in Savusavu is our incredibly rich marine biodiversity. You’ll dive in the clearest waters you can imagine, with dramatic underwater topography, stunning biodiversity and a dizzying array of creatures both great and small. Add all that to world class, friendly, local dive guides and it’s Fiji’s best scuba dive experience.

A diver swims amongst coral and fish.

Visit Savusavu for your next Fiji Scuba Dive Adventure:

• Discover the renowned Namena Marine Reserve. Universally acknowledged as Fiji’s best dive site, Namena is only accessible from Savusavu dive operators and liveaboards. Dive sites include Grand Central Station and Chimneys.
• Swim with schools of hammerhead sharks at Dreamhouse, another of Fiji’s best dive sites
• Discover the reefs that earned the nickname “the soft-coral capital of the world,” by Jean-Michel Cousteau, and dive with the team at Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive. Think bright colors of lush corals.
• Take a special dive package offering both Savusavu and Taveuni diving

A turtle swims amongst coral.

Fiji's newest diving: the pristine Natewa Bay

PLUS a brand new Fiji experience: Ocean Ventures Fiji are just opening up the magnificent untouched reefs of Natewa Bay. They offer a truly off-the-beaten track experience: pristine corals, an amazing variety of marine life, and calm conditions make this new dive area suitable for novices and experienced divers alike. Visit Ocean Ventures Fiji or contact +679 9295803 for more information.

Ocean Ventures are also engaged with the conservation organisation Operation Wallacea. Every year they run an eight week marine expedition site and educate approximately 200 overseas students in reef ecology, conservation education and survey techniques.

Snorkeling off Savusavu Bay, near Daku Resort


Savusavu’s snorkeling is legendary. In the bay, you can visit Split Rock, Lighthouse, David’s Point, Nuggets; you can take a trip to Namena with the JMC dive boats, or you can find a local guide to take you on a bigger adventure off the reefs that fringe the Hibiscus Highway.

For a truly unique experience you can visit Natewa Bay, which although only 35 minutes outside of Savusavu feels like a world away. With pristine corals, colourful reef fish and the possibility of seeing spinner dolphins, a visit there is well worth the effort. You can visit the bay with Ocean Ventures Fiji.(Tel: +679 9295803) or Dr Jay’s Fiji (Tel: +679 508 5630).

A diver swims with a Manta Ray.

Try something very special - freediving!

We at LIQUIDSTATE FREEDIVING in Fiji are driven by the passion for freediving and want to share that passion with you. Freediving can be a positive life changing experience.

Whether you are a snorkeler wanting to spend more time at depth or an advanced freediver wanting to increase breath-hold time and depth; whether you are a spear fisherman wanting access to bigger targets deeper down, or a surfer who wants more breath-hold confidence to tackle bigger waves. Whether you are interested in the meditative and relaxation aspects of apnea and pranayama yoga, or you are a gas-guzzling scuba diver wanting to improve air consumption and become a safer scuba diver, we at LIQUIDSTATE FREEDIVING can help you to unlock your bodies potential to dive on one breath. We are all born with this ability.

Freediving is not an extreme sport, and is extremely safe to learn and practice, following AIDA standards.

TEL: 925-8764

The Grand Central Station reef off Jean Michel Cousteau Resort
A woman poses next to a large red coral formation while diving
Reef diving in Savusavu, Fiji
Clownfish seen off a reef in Savusavu, Fiji