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An assortment of pearls from J Hunter pearl farms, Savusavu.

J.Hunter pearl farm

Experience the journey of our unique Fiji coloured pearls, which start as tiny nucleuses imbedded into the flesh of black-lipped oysters and end up as fine jewellery in some of the world’s best showrooms, when you take a tour of the flagship farm and showroom in Fiji.

Choolate tours Savusavuc

KokoMana chocolate farm and factory

KokoMana works its chocolate magic among giant rain trees in a peaceful forested valley behind Daku Resort. The neat rows of carefully tended cocoa trees are set in a diverse agroforestry system that includes over thirty other species of useful trees and shrubs.

Charcoal soap factory Savusavu Tours

Kula Palms charcoal soap factory

A small establishment in Kuladrusi Estate, remarkable for its production of charcoal soap. Vesi Simpson who is a knowledgeable and articulate guide to the development of his project and will show you the historic tiny church on his land.

Birdwatching tours Savusavu

Birdwatching tours

The highlight of any birding visit to the Natewa Peninsula is a sighting of the unique Natewa Silktail – but the Orange Dove and Shy Ground Dove, along with several other forest species, may also be encountered along the way.

Hikers walk through the Waisali rainforest in Savusavu, Fiji.

Waisali Rainforest Reserve

The reserve is a glorious pocket of 120 hectares of unexploited forest some 20km west of Savusavu, easily accessible by road. A two-hour nature trail takes you down a well-maintained (but steep) path to a natural rock pool at the bottom, and then back up the other side to the top.

Preparing dalo for a lovo Photo credit Meaghan Williams


The local villages in the countryside near Savusavu continue to live in much the same way as their ancestors: extended family groups in simple houses arranged around a central open space, with at least one (and sometimes two) churches at the end. The villagers are warm and welcoming.


When you come to Savusavu, you get a chance to truly immerse yourself in traditional Fijian culture.

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