A top sailing destination.

Sailing to Savusavu

Savusavu is a top sailing and yachting destination in Fiji, and is one of two entry ports offering refueling, healthcare, immigration, and more.

A safe warm welcome

Like many yachties before you, the magic of Savusavu will catch you in its memorable embrace.

Savusavu is the preferred choice of many yachties making a voyage across the South Pacific, and for good reason. Apart from its favourable geographic location to break a long journey, Savusavu is one of only two yacht entry ports in Fiji offering the mandatory quarantine, health, immigration and customs services.

Safety is never far away from the mind of every old salt. A few nautical miles ahead lies the town; low set upon the shore. Steep hills frame the setting providing a reassuring anchorage, well protected from weather.

Toilets and showers are available on shore.

Once ashore it is time to explore the culture, the geographic features like waterfalls, diving with hammerhead sharks, maybe free diving. And after so long aboard, perhaps you hanker for some real comfort in a resort. There’s something for all tastes and budgets.

A woman posing next to pineapples at Savusavu Markets

Rejoin family and friends

Life can be a little lonely out on the blue yonder and the opportunity to be linked once more with family and friends is ever present. Savusavu offers the opportunity to do just that. The Savusavu airport is just over the hill. You can leave your boat safely and fly out for a while or have others come and join you.

And should you need to make repairs while here, diesel mechanics and electricians are available locally. For special parts, these can be flown into Savusavu or the nearby Labasa airport.

An assortment of vessels and yachts moored in Savusavu Bay.

Where comfort matters

If your yachting dream has not yet emerged from slumber, but is planned for 2021 and beyond, you will be in the very fortunate position to enjoy the new Nawi Island super yacht facility!

Located immediately opposite the existing town and marinas, Nawi will offer safe haven for up to 130 super yachts, and eventually will include a resort, privately owned villas, and accommodation for visiting sailors.

Further information for people coming into the bay

Cruising Permit

A cruising permit is required to cruise Fijian waters, and can be obtained from the Copra Shed at a cost of FJ$10. Ask for Dolly on 885 0457.

Best Time of Year

The sailing season extends from late April to end of October. You can expect cyclone season from early November through to early April.

Favourable Geographic Location

Many northern hemisphere sailors have found this to be a preferred port of call for several reasons. It is the ideal stopover for yachts cruising the world via Tahiti, Samoa and Tonga and onto NZ, Australia and Indonesia.

Quarantine, Healthcare, Immigration, and Customs.

Savusavu is one of only two official entry points for yachts visiting Fiji. Here you will find all of the required Quarantine, Health, Immigration, and Customs officials ready to make you welcome. The quarantine berth with its yellow flag is located on The Copra Shed finger wharf. The officials are available only between 0800 and 1630 hours Monday to Thursday, and between 0800 and 1600 on Friday.

Note: you must not come ashore until permitted to do so by the officials.

Marinas, Moorings, and Anchorage

The Copra Shed Marina
27 berths , 17 (white) block moorings. Assistance for clearance. VHF: 16. Phone: (+679) 885 0457. Email: [email protected] . Cruising permits. Quarantine wharf.
Marina Fees
The fees for use of the Copra Shed services are in the Fees & Charges pamphlet with this document. The fees include use of dinghy dock, showers, toilets, garbage disposal, potable water (containers only), mail pick up and forwarding (Fiji only) and Weather Fax daily. Toilets & showers are normally kept locked. A key can be obtained from the office on payment of F$10.00 deposit.Mail sent to the Copra Shed mailbox can be collected in the office.

Waitui Kelekele Marina:
WKML Building, Main Street, Savusavu
24 swing moorings. Assistance with clearance free of charge if you stay on one of Waitui’s moorings. Waitui will take clearing officials to a visiting yacht. Cruising permits available FJ$12. Shore power, showers, toilets available. Marina office building also houses a bar, a laundry service, Digicell agency and a butchers shop. Marina Manager: Genevieve Likuyasi. Phone: +679 885 3057. Mob: +679 925 7111 Email: [email protected] VHF:CHANNEL 16. PO Box 465, Savusavu, Fiji

Nawi Island
Nawi Island is a being developed as a secure berthing facility/resort and is located immediately opposite the town centre of Savusavu on Nawi Island. Stage one offering 130 berths for superyachts will be completed in 2021 to coincide with the Americas Cup competition to be stage that year in New Zealand. The facility will have pump-out facilities and finger berths with power and water available to all yachts. A dry dock is also being built at nearby Balaga to handle superyachts.

Stage 2 of the Nawi Island development is due for completion in 2022. This aims to provide a one-stop-shop for visying yachts persons. It will include an Immigration office, harbourmaster, a resort, villas and accommodation for visiting sailors and a real estate office.

Paradise Tabucala
Admin Coordinator & Support Officer
Nawi Island Limited/South Pacific Marine Limited
PO Box 101, 2 Copra Shed Marina, Savusavu, Fiji Islands
m. +679 891 6896 | t. +679 885 3600

Boatyards, workshops and repairs

Savusavu Marina & Boatyard
20 screw moorings, 7 block moorings (yellow), berths. Boatyard, Haul-out. Workshop. VHF: 16. Phone (+679) 900 5003. Email: [email protected] Contact: Curly Carswell
ICA Port Captain, Cruising seminars. http://curlycarswell.blogspot.com/.

Diesel mechanics and electricians
Diesel repairs and electrical work can be undertaken in Savusavu. For parts, these can be flown in to nearby Labasa or Savusavu and can be available in days.

Engineering/mechanical/ refrigeration services are limited. Ask prices first. Simple tasks only.

Workshops & Repair:
Registered electrician: Savusavu Motor Winders. Contact RONISH RAHUL PILLAY W/L #270 [email protected] Tel: 8853093/7073093 Savusavu PO Box 268, Savusavu
Shane Bower Metal Fiji. Metal artist. Metal workshop, welding. +679 9475450
E: [email protected]
Ahmed Upholstery. Upholstery, Canvas. Located in Marina Plaza courtyard. Phone 974 7714.
Ozie Electronics. Solar panel, Deep-cycle batterie, Alarm, Electronics repair.
Email: [email protected]
Sanjay Mechanics. Repairs of outboard, power generator, inverter, car.. Phone 933 1316

A warm welcome awaits you. Vinaka!