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Drive to Savusavu

Driving from Labasa to Savusavu is a great opportunity to see all that Vanua Levu has to offer! Flights exchanging from Nadi arrive in Labasa, and various car hire companies are available for your use.

The drive from Labasa to Savusavu passes along the northern edge of Vanua Levu through extensive sugar cane fields and small settlements with mosques and colorful Hindu temples. There are extensive mangrove stands in places, and once you gain some elevation you can see the ocean. After 40 kilometres, the road turns left towards Savusavu and traverses a spectacular mountain range. On the way down there is a small waterfall of fresh water where many locals stop to fill their waterbottles. Occasionally you will pass a village with a church.

As you get nearer Savusavu the land flattens out and you will see the old coconut plantations which formed the basis of Savusavu’s copra industry. Coconut trees grow at a pace of about one foot a year, and many of these trees are well over 100 foot tall. Cresting the final hills, the landscape opens up into a wide view of Savusavu Bay with the town in the distance, so you may wish to stop here for a photo. And now its only 20 minutes or so till you reach the Hidden Paradise.

Cross-island Road, Savusavu, Fiji

Driving from Labasa to Savusavu is a remarkable experience.

Drive Length

The drive takes about 90 minutes in a car or a taxi. There are no cafes on the way so take your own snacks if you think you’ll get hungry.

Prefer Public Transport?

Regular buses run from Labasa to Savusavu; you can pick them up at the bus stand in Labasa town, which is about 15 minutes drive from the airport.