August -September 2020

What's on in Savusavu

Bula re! We have some special events in Savusavu in August and September. Take your pick from a unique reef conservation course, a Stillness retreat, a special PADI dive certification week, a chocolate fiesta, a special offer to discover freediving, and a painting workshop. There’s something for everyone! Details below.

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August 12 - 14
Stillness Retreat and Perseids Meteor Shower

August 15 - 16
JeanMichel Cousteau Diving

August 29
KokoMana Chocolate Fiesta

September 1
Liquidstate Freediving

September 3 - 8
Painting: an easy introduction

There’s never been a better time to visit Savusavu!

August 7-10
South Pacific Coral Reef Ecology Course


Join PADI Instructors Matthew and Sara from Ocean Ventures Fiji in stunning Natewa Bay. Designed to complement their new online course, these half day diving or snorkeling trips will help you to identify the common fish families and marine invertebrates found on our little-known reefs.
Price options:

2-tank dive package – $220FJD

2-tank dive package + PADI South Pacific Coral Reef Ecology Certification (eLearning) – $420FJD

Snorkel package – $100FJD pp

Online Course – $50USD

Online course details here.

*Dive trips run with a minimum of 2 people; snorkel trips run with a minimum of 4 people. Includes equipment and light refreshments.

Check out some of our images on Instagram @oceanventuresfiji

and our Trip Advisor reviews.

Contact Matthew and Sara for booking

August 12 - 14
Stillness Retreat and Perseids Meteor Shower


A stroke of luck! Our Lucky Superpower Stillness Retreat usually lasts a week, but we’ve designed a two-day getaway for locals. We think of luck as being random, or “just happening” to us. But did you know you can train yourself to be lucky? What could be more fun than that?

Stillness is hosted at Tavola Villa, a 5-star “opulently minimalist” boutique hotel located on Savusavu Bay. Join us for the spectacular Perseids Meteor Shower August 12 – 14, or the Vernal Equinox September 23 – 25. Start counting your lucky stars, because some people have all the luck … and you’re soon to be one of them!

$890 for 2 days, all meals included. Stay on extra days for $325 per night, meals a la carte with a $25 per person per day meal voucher.

The Stillness Retreat experience is described here!

Contact Tavola Villa to book

August 15 - 16
JeanMichel Cousteau Diving

4+ group offer: $118 a dive (min 2)

The Jean Michel Cousteau Diving operation in Savusavu has been celebrating the glories of the ocean for over 20 years. It was Jean Michel who first described Fiji as the soft coral capital of the world, a title that has been enthusiastically embraced by Fiji divers. “All our staff are locals from Savusavu, and they have grown up diving these waters,” says Frazer. “They know where and when to find the best marine life. We’ve got a map of our dive sites up on our website – but there are a whole lot more that we keep to ourselves so we can just show our guests. And every so often we find a new site and quietly mark it up.”

Two tank dive rates (F$ per person):
1 person: $295
2 people: $250
4 people: $236
6 people: $222
8 people: $207

Full Open Water course $985 per person: group discounts apply
2 people $837 per person
4 people $788 per person
6 people $738 per person
8 people $689 per person

Gear included.


Contact JeanMichel Cousteau Dive to book

August 29
KokoMana Chocolate Fiesta

A celebration of all things chocolate at KokoMana, Savusavu’s cocoa farm and chocolate factory. The day will include displays and demonstrations, chocolate tastings, and a focus on cooking with chocolate – sharing recipes and samples (choc chip cookies, chocolate olive oil cake, chocolate fudge, chocolate sorbet and more!). We’ll also be running our signature ‘tree-to-bar’ tours on Friday and Sunday, if you’re here for the weekend.

$15 entry, redeemable against any purchase. Call or e-mail to book: 2989426, [email protected]

Find us on Facebook and see our reviews on TripAdvisor

Contact KokoMana to book.

September 1
Liquidstate Freediving


Come with a friend, and get an amazing rate of $150. (Individual introductions are $200).

Includes all equipment and transfers.

The introduction takes about three hours of a morning and involves a dry relaxation – breathing and equalisation session. Most of the time will be spent in the water to get you comfortable, slipping effortlessly under the surface and enjoying the sensations that come with freediving.

We at LIQUIDSTATE FREEDIVING in Fiji are driven by the passion for freediving and want to share that passion with you.

Contact Liquidstate Freediving to book

September 3 - 8
Painting: an easy introduction

Hosted at Daku Resort, the course offers a series of classes with local artist Katrina Brown, whose relaxed and inclusive style makes her a delight to learn with. Katrina  is almost entirely self taught:

“In many ways, that’s a help to teaching because I know exactly what I would have likes to have known when I was developing my skills,” she says. “There are basic techniques that can be taught – just like maths. There’s an approach that is a skill.”

During the course she will cover:

  • Basic drawing skills /Perspective / Shading / Use and mixing of colour / How to look at a subject / Detail / Techniques for painting landscapes

Rates: (includes accommodation, meals, course fees and materials):
Twin shared bure $820
Single bure $1170

Full details here.

Contact Daku Resort to book
Savusavu harbor at sunset

We have a great choice of accommodation to fit all budgets. Check out our page here to see who is offering accommodation (and other special deals):

Daku Resort
Island Breeze
Savasi Island Resort
Tavola Villa Stillness Retreat
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